Mwea Pishori Rice

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Pishori rice has a breathtaking aroma that will salivate your mouth. The rice is also easy to cook and has no chaff.

This is the only type of rice that will make passersby inhale deeply when that Kishori aroma catches their attention. mwea pure Pishori grade 1 is real Pishori rice from the rice fields of mwea and is grown by expert rice farmers.
Preparing rice is a hectic task for many people because of chaff and small pebbles found in most rice brands in our markets. With pure Pishori rice, there are no hectic procedures for eliminating chaff, all you need to do is wash the rice and cook.
Preparing Pishori is also easy and takes the shortest time of 15 minutes to get ready.
Try mwea Pishori today and be sure your neighbors will know you had real Pishori rice for your meal

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